to program or be programmed – intro

Dear bloggers,

I will admit, I go on Google and type in search topics and it spits out what I need and I tend to use the information given. I don’t think about how it knows what is relevant to my topic or how it is making decisions, I just accept what it gives me…because I’ve always accepted it as the proper way to receive answers.

and cue Douglas Rushkoff shaking his head in disappointment

I am also disappointed, but only because I am now well aware of where I stand within the program vs. programmed spectrum of the world.

Like many others, I am part of the programmed society. I have taken in the new technologies given to me and have not learned how they work or how they work on me.

But, just as Rushkoff has pointed out, “It doesn’t have to turn out this way. And it won’t if we simply learn the biases of the technologies we are using and become conscious participants in the ways they are deployed….it’s time to press the pause button and ask what all this means to the future of our work, our lives, and even our species.” (p. 16)

So here it goes, my road to getting with the program.

Learn more from Rushkoff, and press the pause button.


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journalism major who brings a little optimism to a world full of pessimism.

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