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Hihi bloggers,

Do you have that one friend who is constantly on his/her phone? I mean, text messages, status updates, and tweets all within the same time and place kind of friend?

If you don’t, you are lucky because I do and I absolutely can’t stand it. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get through to her without sending her a text, rather than physically communicating with her. The worst part is, she doesn’t realize how unattached to the world she is because her sense of attachment is located in her hands, most likely, currently typing on the keypad of her smartphone.

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Text messaging, emailing, and Facebook chat tends to take the place of over the phone conversations, and iChat, Gchat, and Skype tends to take the place of physically interacting with people. Even people who aren’t miles away from us.

In Program or be Programmed, Rushkoff explains it best when he states, “This makes them (digital networks) terrifically suitable for long-distance communication and activities, but rather awful for engaging with what – or who – is right in front of us.” (p. 41)

I appreciate that digital media allows me to keep in contact with people who are too far for me to spend time with but I don’t like that it gives people a reason to not bother hanging out with someone who lives less than 10 minutes away since it’s much simpler (in their minds) to just Skype with them. That is nonsense.

Technology has definitely made things much more convenient, but I sometimes crave the personal interaction. I would prefer to see my family and friends and have a real conversation, not just communicate with them on a blog, in a text, or through Facebook. I prefer the clearer picture, the sharpness and clarity of reality, the ability to see the exact amount of wrinkles the furrow of someones brow makes when expressing themselves. I like facial expressions and I like hand gestures and I like to take them in while walking around or at the beach, not sitting at my desk in front of my laptop, or wherever I have internet connection.

Yes, it’s cool to be able to talk online but its way better to talk in person.

Sometimes I wish everyone disconnected themselves from digital technology for 24 hours every now and then to put themselves at ease and remind themselves that the meaning of life does not involve technology. I love when it’s finals week and I put all my social media sites down, silence my cell phone, and stir clear of the TV. It’s like, nothing can go wrong and if it does, I won’t know about it’s because I have no connection to the information. If refreshing and it even feels slightly rebellious.

We need to recognize the dislocation from the world that digital media causes and in response, we need to disconnect ourselves from the media in order to reconnect ourselves to the world. It’s possible, we just have to willingly do it.

Any activity you will be engaging in that I did not list? If so, what?

Will you complete more than one activity?


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