the magic of google

Chose one magical thing about the web and use some of boyd’s characterstics to describe that magic. Then deconstruct that magical spell that thing casts on us.

The web is filled with magical abilities. Skype allows us to interact with friends who live miles away from us, Tumblr allows us to gain friends from different countries who have the same interests as us, StumbleUpon allows us to see the beauty in things that others consider noteworthy. Of all these magical sites, I would say the most magical is Google. If I have a question, I Google it, if I am searching for a peer-reviewed journal, I Google Scholar it, if I want to learn about the coolest and most interesting stuff on the web, I Google Reader it. Google gives me access to everything at the click of a button. It’s simple, its accessible, and it’s extremely magical. So magical I bet the creators spent some time at Hogwarts learning and crafting the magic to create it. Obviously, us Muggles would never know the truth behind that though.

Google is magical in that it allows for persistence, searchability, replicability, and it contains a large audience that is completely invisible to it (invisible audience members visit the site daily, hourly, even every couple of minutes). Through Google I can find something that Abraham Lincoln said when he addressed the U.S. during his presidency. I could even find words from Greek philosophers. Most of everything that has ever been said, written, videotaped, or photographed is persistently available through Google. If I want to find out where my cousin’s new home is located and how much it is worth, I can search the information through Google and Trulia will allow me to find out all of that information, plus more. If I connected really well with a scholarly journal written by Sarah Coyne, I can copy and paste her words into my journal adding the source to it to allow other readers the ability to find and read the piece where the original words came from. And every time I go onto Google to search for something, thousands of others are on Google searching for something as well. They are an invisible audience of Google but everyone knows they are there.

Google casts a spell of expectation. We expect to go onto the site type a word or words into the search engine and find what we are looking for within the first page of options. It is rare to not be able to find what you want on Google, we expect to always find the answer there. We don’t expect to have to do a lot of work to find the answer either. We used to go to libraries, museums, and our teachers office hours just to find out the answers to our questions, now we rely on Google for it. There is the saying, hope for the best but expect the worst. This helps heal wounds when expectations fall through. Our expectation that Google will give us what we need should never fall through, it can’t. We never have to hope for the best or expect the worst when it comes to using Google because well, it’s magic and magic never ceases to entertain.

watch and see how the search and storage of information has changed


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