the beginning of unpredictable words…

about the blogger

what I enjoy: I have a passion for pop culture and entertainment news. I am an avid concert-goer, consistent movie enthusiast, celebrity news follower, shameless book-worm, epic quote fanatic, and I am in a “till death do us part” union with my iPod.

why I blog: I find words fascinating. The way they fit together and the way they change things can tell a story, stir emotion, and even form a ballad. The right words can transform whatever and whoever they touch. Were actions lack, words never fail me therefore, blogging is the best way for me to think out loud.

why I’ve created this: The purpose of this blog is to publish all the unpredictable words I will compile for a Communication and New Media class I am taking this summer. I hope to gain a better understanding of blogging through the use of this blog, gain a better sense of how new media affects communication through class, and ultimately move closer to the elite status of the programmer rather than being considered programmed.

Happy blogging!


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