Step 1: Track – Results

After 48 hours of media use, I felt as though I consumed a large amount of media. Time I could have spent outside or doing something more productive, I spent inside with my laptop. I realized I consume a lot more media than I was aware of consuming.

I found myself each night in front of the television with my laptop on one side of me, surfing the ether, and my phone on the other side of me, replying to every incoming text (I was barely watching TV, I just had it on to have it on). Towards the end of the 48 hours I had the need to visit every website of interest – blogging, commenting, messaging, emailing, and even shopping; looking at everything sites had to offer since I wouldn’t be able to look at them for a while. I spent most of my time on Tumblr and Pinterest – flipping back and forth between the two, having a hard time letting them go.

Once I turned off my phone, laptop, and stirred clear of the TV, the reality of being away from the technology for 72 hours sunk in fairly quickly and I started reading a book to distract my thoughts from what I would be missing.


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