to program or be programmed – openness

“I should be paying the musician for his time and energy making the music that I am enjoying. It’s a cost that should be shared by all of us who listen to it, and shared equally,” says Rushkoff in Program or be Programmed (p. 129).

Rushkoff wants us sharing instead of stealing. I wonder what he thinks about streaming…

Listeners stream music, not ‘own’

Now a days it’s much easier to listen to everything I want to hear on Spotify and even share specific songs with Facebook friends. Unless I fall madly/deeply/helplessly in love with a song, I don’t need to own it, I can just stream it from my phone or laptop. On the one hand, I’m not stealing the song from some music-leak site allowing a complete loss of credibility to the artist, but on the other, I’m not necessarily buying the song to thank the artist for their time and creativity.

11,000 songs in your music library, but only paid for 15 CD’s in your life?

Is streaming equivalent to stealing or is it equivalent to sharing? Why or why not?

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